Academic Supports

Non-Profit Programs for Student Support


East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring is an amazing program for students K-12. EPATT is located near PAUSD on the Stanford Campus. While they have seen some program changes due to COVID-19, they still remain dedicated to supporting student growth and student success. This program offers academic tutoring, student coaching and mentoring, financial aid workshops, and much more.

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Foundation for a College Education is another local non-profit program dedicated to serving students with the dream of college success. Located in East Palo Alto, FCE prides itself on serving a small number of students from 6-12 and in their College Success program by always sticking to their saying; High Expectation Lead to High Achievements. FCE offers tutoring, academic support, student coaching and mentoring, STEM activities, college coaching, financial aid workshops, and more.

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College Track

College Track is yet another phenomenal program serving high school students and college students in the Bay Area and beyond. Their first site was here in East Palo Alto, and they've expanded over the years. College Track offers it's students one-on-one tutoring, mentorship and coaching, college application supports, financial aid support, and a variety of other classes and programs.

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DreamCatchers is through and through a Palo Alto based program. Serving only PAUSD students, middle schoolers enrolled in DreamCatchers receive academic tutoring, academic supports, coaching and mentoring, and much more.

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This was a parent information night for PAUSD families. If interested in signing up please let us know! Email Miguel Fittoria at

Local Service Programs


Youth Community Service has been in the business of supporting young people on their journey or service for decades. Locally grown here at Stanford, YCS helps to serve students by encouraging them to do service for others. Programs for middle and high school students are available.

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In-School Academic Support Options

FEV Tutor

PAUSD also works in a partnership with FEV Tutor, an online tutoring platform providing students from 3-12th grade a one-on-one tutor in various academic areas. This partnership is available to schools. If the school site believes this is a beneficial opportunity, they will refer students and families to receive this tutoring service.

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Advancement Via Individual Determination is an Elective Class offered at all five of PAUSDs middle and high school campuses. AVID specializes in preparing students for college success and beyond. Focusing on organization skills, strategies for focused note taking, collaboration, inquiry-based learning, and community building, AVID has helped thousands of students nationwide enter and finish college on a path to success. Watch info night videos on AVID here, or check them out at if interested in enrolling your student.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your school counselors, AVID Elective Teachers, or District Director of AVID Miguel Fittoria at

Focus on Success

Focus on Success is an award winning study and life skills elective, designed to support students in their core academic classes through lessons in organization, time management, study skills, goal setting, and healthy lifestyles and by providing homework time and support from tutors. This class is offered during the school day as an Elective Course, so if interested, speak to your school counselors.

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