Equity for Academic Success

Saturday, April 17th 2021 at 9am

watch the keynote video recording below, as well as slides and recordings from some presentations

keynote address:

Kiran gaind

Kiran Gaind owns and operates a boutique coaching practice for busy modern parents called Raising Resilience. She brings her years of experience as a high school history teacher in San Francisco’s Mission District and East Oakland as well as breakthrough results as a school redesigner and turnaround leadership coach to her work. She is a certified life, leadership and parent coach. She has a Bachelors in Government and Women’s Studies from Cornell and a Masters in Organization Development from USF. She is a mom to two girls age 11 and 8 and two rescue pups from Taiwan, age 5. She lives and works in Palo Alto. She’s married to Sree, a software engineer at Google who graduated from IIT Chennai and UC Berkeley’s CS Masters Program.

Visit https://www.raisingresilience.com for more information about Kiran and her work!

Aptly named Equity for Academic Success as the sessions in this day of the series revolve around the idea of truly teaching every child. The breakdown of sessions on this day will focus on supporting diverse learners, teaching the whole child, bringing culture into the classroom, breaking down cultural barriers and biases, and the pathway towards college and career success.

Equity vs. Equality, Differentiated Instruction - Maria Madrigal, Sr. Program Manager, Innovate Public Schools

What happens if your student is not on grade level? How should instruction be given to students who are all at different academic levels and there is only one teacher? Come learn more about what equity in instruction should look like to ensure that all students learn!

Family Leadership Summit College Essay Presentation 2021

Introduction to the College Essay - tarn wilson

The college essay portion of the college application can often feel overwhelming for students - and their families! In this presentation, we will demystify the college essay process. We will explore the college essay questions, explain the colleges' expectations, discuss writing strategies, and share resources.

Cuadros de Familia --- Cultivando fuertes lectores y escritores - Magdalena Fittoria

Usaremos el libro, Cuadros de Familia por la artista y autora, Carmen Lomas Garza, como inspiración para descubrir como nuestras propias historias familiares y nuestras tradiciones culturales pueden ayudar a que nuestros hijos/hijas se desarrollen como fuertes lectores y escritores. Los alumnos en los grados de primaria y secundaria a menudo tienen que cumplir con escritura narrativa, basada en eventos de su propia vida. En este taller, compartiremos ideas que pueden ayudar a nuestros hijos con estos deberes y a la vez fomentar su orgullo cultural.

Executive Function Workshop for Parents - rajul parekh, m.s. ccc-slp

What are Executive Functioning skills, and why are they important? Your brain is like an executive running a company, and it needs to manage different functions much like a CEO has to manage different divisions of a company. All the divisions are important to a company functioning well and successfully.

Executive Functioning presentation

Living and Learning 2e: What Teens Say - callie turk

Neurodivergent, twice-exceptional students have few forums to express their lived educational experiences. Recently, Silicon Valley 2e advocacy group REEL launched its “Living & Learning 2e” blog series, dedicated to giving twice-exceptional teens and young adults a place to share their voices. The bloggers include students from ninth grade through sophomore year in college with a range of learning differences such as autism, ADHD, dysgraphia, and anxiety. While every 2e learner is different, come hear the common themes that emerged across the six bloggers’ experiences that shine a light on ways parents and educators can better support them, then hear from a couple of the bloggers themselves!

Consulado General de México y los servicios que ofrece para la Comunidad - Cónsul General Alejandra Bologna Zubikarai

Servicios Generales que ofrece el Consulado General de México en San Jose, CA. Incluyendo servicios para padres y jóvenes mexicanos a nivel académico.

Pandemic Stress: Finding Strength Amid Anxiety, Loss, and Uncertainty - stephanie abbey, phd


Since March 2020, our lives have changed dramatically. Nearly 50% of parents of children under the age of 18 are reporting increased stress and that number jumps to over 60% for parents who have children home for distance learning. Students are also reporting significant increases in anxiety, loneliness, and sadness, and they are also facing unprecedented uncertainty. This presentation will help parents and students understand how the pandemic affects mental health, learn when to seek out a mental health professional, and identify specific ways parents can support their children and themselves.

Building Creative Thinking and Academic Confidence through Puzzles and Games - hillary miller, marcy tivol

The founders of Solving Fun will lead a conversation about the importance of building creative thinking through engaged learning experiences. When kids think they are creative, they actually are creative! Learning how to be a creative thinker boosts their self-confidence. Session will include interactive solving time including puzzles and games to play with your family after. Participants should be ready to share in brain-twisting fun! www.solvingfun.com

Educational Equity: Unlocking the Potential of Parents to Work for Equity - yolanda conaway

Want to raise an actively anti-racist child? Join Educational Equity: Unlocking the Potential of Parents to Work for Equity. Parents can be the change we wish to see in the world. This session is a call to action for parents and the community to be a part of the solution to systemic racism and inequities in our schools and community. Participants will learn how to be an antiracist and raise antiracist kids and strategies for becoming a better ally for justice.

Racial Affinity Group Listening Session - yolanda conaway

The Racial Affinity Group Listening Session is an opportunity to hear from staff, students and families on their experiences in PAUSD as it relates to equity and social justice. During this session, participants will be asked to share about their experience in PAUSD - and, if applicable, how they/ their family has been affected by racism, bias or intolerance. White Affinity groups will discuss their observations, their desires for social justice and how PAUSD can support education and learning to build a more just and inclusive community. Participants will begin in whole group and join breakout rooms that are designed to provide a space for participants to share feedback in a brave space and among individuals who may share similar experiences. Participants should select the racial affinity group that represents their personal racial identity - not that of interest or your child who may identify with a different group. This is intended to keep affinity group space sacred and comfortable for all participants - although, all participants will have opportunities to share candidly the experiences of their child within each affinity group.