Family Leadership Summit 2021

unity through learning

Click on the dates below to see recording of sessions where available! and be sure to join us next year for another amazing summit!

Saturday, March 27th 9am-10am

Keynote: PAUSD Staff

Saturday, April 17th 9am-1pm

Keynote: Kiran Gaind

Saturday, May 15th 9am-1pm

Keynote: Julie Lythcott-Haims

scroll down for a video on how to participate in the Family Leadership Summit

Welcome to the 2021 Family Leadership Summit!

We are very excited to continue to come together as a district for a day of learning. This year's theme "Unity Through Learning," aims to do just that; bring us all together during these trying times with three days of engaged learning opportunities.

Last year, we saw over 400 participants take part in the 2nd Annual Family Leadership Summit "Opening Doors to Student Success and Wellbeing." We hope that our move to a virtual, series-structured Summit this year will see some great participation.

This year, we will split the summit into three days with three themes, described in more details below. Each day will give parents and the community the opportunity to attend two sessions from the 15-20 offered sessions. Sessions will discuss everything from COVID to college, and all that is imaginable in-between. In addition, a more interactive component will be available in during our "Lunch and Learn," where local non-profits, community organizations, and even speakers, will participate in dialogue presenting themselves or answering more questions. We hope that you will join us on that date, and can let us know you are participating by signing up on our EventBrite Page. You will then receive more instructions for how to join!

This is a fully virtual event. On the day of the event, links will go live to join the Webinar for Keynote Speakers as well as the breakout sessions on the page for the day, which are linked above!

Special kick-off video presentation will go live on saturday, march 27th at 9am

Sign-Up To Attend!

Schedule (same for April and May Events)

9am - Keynote Speaker

10am - Session Block 1

11:05am - Session Block 2

12:10pm - Lunch and Learn

Redefining Strength: This special Kick-Off Event will address what PAUSD is doing to Redefine Strength for our students, families, staff, and the community. We will highlight why it is so important to come together as a community for days of positive learning. This special kick-off video will go live on this website on Saturday, March 27th at 9am. There are no breakout sessions on this day, this will better explain how to sign-up, show folks how the website works, and what to expect for April and May.

Equity for Academic Success: Aptly named as the sessions in this day of the series revolve around the idea of truly teaching every child. The breakdown of sessions on this day will focus on supporting diverse learners, teaching the whole child, bringing culture into the classroom, breaking down cultural barriers and biases, and the pathway towards college and career success.

Building Future Leaders: For the final event of the series, the focus will shift to thinking of the future. Building Future Leaders will engage adults in conversations about college and career, how to support leadership skills in their students, utilizing outside of school support to engage in learning beyond the classroom, and more. We want parents to think about the “What Next?” question.

Special Lunch and Learn: The Lunch and Learn sessions will allow speakers to hold Q&A sessions for participants, share their research, and give a more interactive opportunity to participants so that they can focus on their presentations. In addition, local community organizations and nonprofit programs can hold "Virtual Booths" so members of the PAUSD community can pop in the learn about their organizations.

With any questions, concerns, comments, or to recommend speakers, please email Miguel Fittoria, Coordinator for Student and Family Engagement at