The 21 Day Equity Challenge was implemented into the Palo Alto Unified School District to expand understanding and form habits that are cognizant of and sympathetic to racial inequity in our community

The challenge spans over three weeks, each week focusing on a different goal that can help us to achieve our goal of equity; starting with individual understanding and empathy. Each week, you will be provided with content and resources that will assist you in achieving each goal.

Week 1: Sharing Understanding

This week focuses on engaging with materials and content that describe racial inequity in America as well as our community itself. The goal of this week is to achieve understanding of the history of our communities past with racism

Week 2: Expanding Perspectives

This week focuses stepping outside our comfort zones to make ourselves aware of what others experience on a daily basis. The purpose is to expand or evolve from previous understandings and beliefs and ultimately achieve empathy for others

Week 3: Moving Forward

This week is designated for reflection on what we have learned. Specifically, you are asked to think of how you have changed over the previous weeks, how you can continue this momentum other facets of your life. Additionally, reflect on how you can stay aware of the issue of inequity in your surroundings.